Dear Friends,

Thank you for your patience as we continue to traverse through the challenges of COVID-19 together. We hope you enjoyed our first virtual conference and will take advantage of upcoming webinars and the new free online education opportunities IL AAHAM is bringing to you!

I am filled with sorrow and heartache as I watch the nation’s ongoing crisis across every state. Many business leaders and authorities are grappling with how to appropriately take responsibility and act to address these conversations. While no two organizations are the same, there is one universal message that unites all of our members.


Being a part of a multi-cultural family has assisted me to be a better leader. It is that diversity and experience that equipped me with the skills to be an empathetic, understanding and caring leader. It is the responsibility of each of us, as business leaders, to serve our communities without bias, judgement, stigma or reservation. Change starts at the top, which means it starts with each one of us.

IL AAHAM will stand with you, by our communities, and by our shared desire to be a better country. An America that is just, that demands equality for all races, that seeks to support and uplift one another, rather than tear down and create division, and that lives up to the promise that all Americans deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  
Please continue to focus on the safety and security of your families.  Also, please remember that the Covid-19 virus is still a very real threat to the health of our team members and our community.  Be well, and be a part of the constructive healing process that our nation so badly needs. I am confident we can affect great change by working together.

I look forward to when we are all together again. Until then, take care of you and your families.

Warmest regards,
Vanessa Haydon
IL AAHAM President