On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic. This past year has been an incredibly hard time with elderly parents fallen ill and children not in school combined with social unrest and the economic crisis.

Like many of you, I felt the effects of this pandemic personally as well. My mom passed just two weeks before I received my vaccine, I was counting the days before I was going to be able to go and visit with her again, hug her again. It has been an incredibly hard time for everyone with the pandemic leaving its mark in different ways. It is these tough times that tests an organizations’ culture and values, as well as each of us as an individual person. The commitment each of you has shown to patients, IL AAHAM and each other has been extraordinary.

The end of the pandemic is hopefully within sight. We will tell generations from now what we lived through, and that you worked with an organization that made a difference. The recovery period affords us an opportunity to rebuild an equitable and just society.

IL AAHAM is an educational organization and over the past year we learned how to continue providing quality education virtually. We have continued our proud tradition of serving every member, every time. We would not have been successful in providing this valuable and affordable education without the support of our strategic partners and our Corporate Partners.

Il AAHAM was strong before the pandemic, we are strong today and we will be strong in the future. You are that strength. We look forward to seeing each of you in person this December to celebrate our 40th Annual State Institute.

All my best,
Vanessa Haydon
IL AAHAM President