Charles Garvin Award


Who was Charles Garvin and why has the IL AAHAM chapter chosen to honor him with a memorial golf outing and a recognition award to current members?

Charles C. Garvin was a past AAHAM member, Board member and Chapter President. Chuck joined the IL chapter in the early 80’s and became certified in 1988. He served on the board of directors in the early 90’s. During that time he served as several committee chairs including Membership, Programs and Constitution and By-laws. In 1995, Chuck started his officer term as Vice President of the IL Chapter, succeeding on to Chapter President in 1997, 1998 and 1999. In 2000 and up to the time of his passing on May 28, 2001, Chuck served as Chairman of the Board for our Illinois Chapter.

Chuck was not an AAHAM member in name only. He willingly gave of his time to participate in all chapter events and became well known at the national level of AAHAM as well. He never missed an Annual National Institute since joining AAHAM. He was an active member in educational offerings, social outings and political events related to PFS. Chuck insured that his employers knew the importance and advantages he gained from his membership in AAHAM.

His service to our chapter will be remembered at both the national board level and at the local chapter level. Chuck contributed much to our profession: Chuck presented numerous programs over the years, either as a part of a panel discussion or as a single presenter; authored numerous articles which were published in the Lincoln Log, the AAHAM Journal and the HFMA journal.

As devoted as Chuck was to AAHAM, he was similarly devoted to his family; wife Wendy, son Adam and daughters Kimberly and Laura. Several of Chuck’s professional friends were given the opportunity to meet his family as he would periodically bring one of the children with him to an ANI or IL meeting.

Those AAHAM members who have been involved with the chapter for at least 10 years or more were deeply saddened by Chuck’s passing. We lost a great friend and a tremendous PFS resource.

The year following his death, the IL Board agreed that we needed to find a way to honor Chuck’s dedication to our chapter. We knew after his family and AAHAM, his third passion was golf. The board felt there was no better way to keep Chuck’s memory alive than to name our annual golf outing after him. In fact, his son Adam continues to join the IL chapter at both the golf outings and several of the annual December meetings.

The Board also created the Charles Garvin Achievement Award. This award is given based on nominations from the membership at large to those individuals who continue to follow the high standards and commitment set by Chuck as it relates to AAHAM. Nominations for the award are based on attendance, commitment and development made to special AAHAM projects, professionalism and efforts made to assist our chapter in setting and meeting established goals.

Those individuals who have received awards from either the golf outing or from being recognized as a high achiever are honored to receive such an award in memory of Charles C. Garvin.


Charles Garvin Achievement Award

Award Guidelines

Purpose: To honor Past President and Chairman of the Board of the Illinois Chapter of American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM) Charles Garvin. Award will be given to the member who continues to follow the high standards and commitment set by Mr. Garvin as it relates to AAHAM.

1. Award will be given to current Illinois Members of AAHAM.

2. Award will be presented during the Illinois Chapter Annual Meeting in December of the Calendar Year. The current Chairman of the Board or Current President will present award.

3. The selection of the recipient of the Charles Garvin Achievement Award will be made by the current IL AAHAM Board of Directors and past recipients of the award after a review of the nominations, if any, received from the Illinois Chapter membership at large. 

4. Nominations may be made based upon the following criteria:

a. Attendance at Illinois Chapter supported education presentations.

b. Commitment to support the Illinois and National organization.

c. Commitment and/or Development made to any or all of the following special projects

1. Education 

2. Lincoln Log 

3. Golf Outing

4. Chapter Excellence

5. Membership Drive

6. Political Developments/Advocacy

7. Membership Survey


d. Demonstrating exceptional professionalism as it relates to the healthcare business.

e. Efforts made to assist IL Chapter in setting and meeting goals.

f. Efforts made to work with other AAHAM Chapters and Professional Organizations to fulfill IL chapter goals.

g. Willingness to be an advocate with the National Office of AAHAM inrepresenting the Illinois Chapter.

5. Nominations of a member for this award should be submitted in a written format based on the above criteria describing the achievements of the nominated member. Nominations must be submitted to the current Board President.